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Wine against Alzheimer.


There is a study which supports the epidemiology evidence that moderate consumption of wine , could help to reduce the relative risk of clinical dementia.

In an infio in the FASEB Journal , investigators observed the effects of givingto drink Red Wine to mice , having cerebral changes similar to Alzheimer , check

In comparison to mice who received etanol o water , the mice who drank Cabernet Sauvignon experienced a comparatively reduced deterioration of memory function of the brain , similar to the illness of Alzheimer.

The investigators of the School of medicine of Mount Sinai , in the City of New York , found that the benefits of Cabernet Sauvignon ,was due to it´s capacity to prevent the generation of the proteins , that cause the accumulation of plaques in the brain , which is the main cause of Alzheimer.

This study supports the epidemiological evidence , that indicates that a moderate consumption of wine , in the range recommended by the diet guidelines of the FDA that one drink a day for women , & two drinks for men, could help to reduce the risk of clinical dementia of the illness od Alzheimer,assured the investigators Drs.Giulio Maria Pasinetti & Jun Wang .